Purpose of National Public Radio

The mission of National Public Radio is to create a more informed public. This is something that NPR has been doing with the help of partnerships with member stations. National Public Radio looks to provide people with a better understanding of the happenings around the world so that they have a better insight and appreciation of events, opinions, cultures and trends.

With the aim of achieving this mission, National Public Radio produces, acquires and distributes programming content that meet the highest level of public service in journalism. They believe that by providing good content via satellite interconnection for the entire public radio system, they are creating a human race that is better informed.

The vision statement that National Public Radio has, describes the aspirations that the company has for the future. It is today America's pre-eminent news institution and intends to remain so. They believe that it is their duty to inform the citizens of United States about the important news stories, events, and issues that are cropping up each day. They intend to lead the public radio domain towards newer ideas, formats and technology and by hiring the best talent available.

The team that works at National Public Radio intends to make the organization the "most relevant and trusted consumed news source in the United States". They also intend to expand the reach and relevance of the content that they produce to wider audiences and unlock the potential of national media.

In addition to that National Public Radio intends to do all this while ensuring the best practices and most professional and ethical means in the field. They also understand that newer business models shall need to be adapted over time so that they can continue to be relevant in the future. National Public Radio has a News Code of Ethics and Practices and News Social Media Guidelines that it adheres to at all times.


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